Thank you for your interest in joining Aubrey's Review Team Please read over this info for how the process will work, and if you are interested, you may fill out the form to sign up below.

Reviews are an integral part of the book publishing process for so many reasons. We're assembling reviewers to contact with information about upcoming releases for Aubrey Wynne. We're seeking honest reviewers who are willing to post reviews of new releases on release day on any retailers.

Here is how it will work.

Before Aubrey anticipates having ARCs, you'll receive an email sign up. If you want to review, fill out that form and - as long as you're in good standing- you receive the book. On release day, I'll send a reminder email reminding you to post your review. I'll also ask that you send me links to the reviews when they are live. 

As long as you continue to post honest reviews and provide links to the reviews, you will be welcome to remain a part of the crew.

If at any time you wish to leave the review team, just unsubscribe from one of our emails. 
Now the not-so-fun part. We'll call them the obligatory terms & conditions. Not fun, but necessary. If you take an ARC and don't post a review, you will not receive copies of future novels. If you read the book and dislike it, and are not comfortable posting a review, you MUST reach out to Aubrey with an explanation.  

You do have the option to opt out of reviewing (i.e. don't sign up for that book) if you know your mother, brother, six nieces, and two horses have birthdays at the time you'd be receiving the book, making it impossible to have time to read.  We appreciate the time you take to read and review. And if you read a blurb and you don't think you can read it for whatever reason, we won't be offended. Not every book is suitable for every reader. 

So if that sounds okay, please fill out the form for the mailing list. If at any time you have any questions you can reach out to Aubrey or her PA for guidance. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Aubrey Wynne
& her PA, Nicole
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